Port Wentworth United Methodist Church

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Port Wentworth United Methodist Church began a Prayer Shawl Ministry in 2004. The group unites once per month for nearly the entire day to crochet or knit shawls and afghans. Though most of the group consists of church members, they graciously welcome anyone. They all pray, fellowship together and pray over all the shawls. The ministry selflessly donates the prayer shawls and  afghans to those “people who will benefit the most,” including church members in need, people who are ill, those who have suffered loss, homeless individuals or someone who just needs a hug. Confirmation shawls are given to those receiving the sacrament of baptism at Port Wentworth UMC. God gets all the glory for what the group does.

Whether in Hawaii, California, Germany or England, some of the prayer shawls have been sent to various locations around the world, depending on where the need has been. Iris Durrence, a member since 2004, states, “They’re mailed out with love and prayer. Wherever the need is, that’s where they’ll go.”

Iris is very proud to be a part of such a phenomenal group of talented ladies who are doing a whole lot of good in the lives of others.  And Port Wentworth UMC, along with Rev. Gary Boyles, is in full support of the group. The Prayer Shawl Ministry donates prayer shawls and afghans to the Hospice House; they normally give about ten at a time. The group is often blessed with thank you notes of  appreciation from patients or their family members. They have received photos of some patients wrapped in their afghans. The ministry feels enormously privileged to help.

“It’s a blessing for us as much as it is for them,” Iris states, “The uplifting of spirit, of mind and of body…it’s all there.”


The Prayer Shawl group has already helped to establish a group at Guyton UMC. Irish Durrence continues to meet with this group on a regular basis to help them grow and learn more about crocheting and she would like to help you, too! Give Iris a call at 912-826-3742.